And Here Goes The Crazy Pills Again

This is our fifth round of Clomid.  So for four months prior I have learned all that this drug does to me.  I still get amazed when the side effects kick in though.  Last night I was sitting with the one, he had just gotten home from work, and we were talking nicely about nothing significant.  A loud automobile went by (it was like 11:30pm).  I said OH MY GOD REALLY BABE???  and then I proceeded to tell him how I wish I could go outside and punch the driver dead in the face, one time, ding ding ding call 911.  This was after a 20 minute long explanation of something that had pissed me off today and how I was an epic bitch.  Oh, and lets not forget the fabulous cramps…….bitches.

But….every time I feel the effects of my “crazy pills” as we call them, I just think that it is all for an end goal.  And we muddle through my craziness.

I have not written here for a while because I have much going on with some other medical stuff not TTC related but to not write here, and share with you things that may help or encourage you is not working for me.  So here I am.  It has been an extremely uneventful few weeks TTC wise.  You know how it is, you wait for two things….O and AF…and I just finished with the hag….so I will be updating our chart, and writing on here as often as I can….

Baby dust to you all!!!  xoxo


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