Of all the holidays that we have to have the “first” of, without G, I may have to say that Easter is the worst.  It is all about Jesus, and his suffering so that we can have ever lasting life, and peace.  It was an awful day, and while I knew it was going to suck, I had no idea just how bad it would be.  BUT…its over, and today is a new day.  There really isn’t much going on with us as far as TTC.  My blood pressure is high, and we are trying to get it down.  The latest medication that I am on says that it can be fatal to an unborn baby and that the patient should consult with a physician about birth control.  We realize that high blood pressure is bad in a pregnancy so we are doing all we can to remedy that before we actively ttc.

There isn’t much going on otherwise.  We both are working like crazy (as usual) and just are doing our thing.  I know that we will be back here active soon…..


Baby dust to you


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