Just Randomness

If you have looked at our chart, there are no crosshairs.  I have no idea what that means, since upon removal of the +opks I get them.  I really dont even care what the chart says this month.  I only want to temp so that I know when to expect AF.  Funny thing…yesterday I was at lunch and I felt something, and thought I had gotten my period.  I text The One, saying UGH…I am pretty sure I just got my period.  Then after I knew I had not I said “No period”  He says you thought you had it last night, whats up with that?  I said IDK, waiting I guess?  He replies with…what about waiting for G?  I said, I am so used to waiting for the period, and he said Im not.  Guess we think different.  HOW AMAZING IS HE?  No matter how distracted I get from this journey, he is always right there to pull me back.  Even in the mornings when I temp.  I think he is asleep, that is until he says in a sleepy voice “Hows our temp?”

I know I have talked about him early on in this blog, and how incredibly supportive and partnered to me he is.  There have been decisions that were to be made in my life, that could impact our ttc and he has always been a rock, guiding me to the best choices, and maintaining our ability to continue on.  These days, its getting a little bit harder for him, since my whole boob thing.  He has been a little stoic at times, and when I ask him what is on  his mind, his answer is always “I can’t lose you”.  I have told him HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS of times that he wont, he CANT lose me.  I think he is more afraid of my stubborn streak because I can not imagine not being able to get pregnant and I would put off anything until we had G….with zero thought of me.  He completely disapproves.  I guess what we both need to do is stop thinking so much and just keep loving and enjoying each other and take each obstacle as it comes, like we always do!

Quickly, if my chart is my guide for AF coming, I can look at it two ways.  If the temp shift that is there is right, then I O’d on CD 13 (which I have done before) and today I am 14dpo, so the period is due today.  If no ovulation has happened, then I am on CD27..It can come any day now.  I guess we will see!!  AS USUAL!!!

Baby dust ladies!!! xo


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