The Longest Month

What a few weeks this has been. After the cerclage we went to the hi risk doc to check on things and at the visit we learned my cervix was opening above the stitch and shortening. I was sent home on strict bed rest, and had to go back in one week to remeasure. The instant the tech inserted the transducer I started crying. I could see a huge difference from last week and the panic on the tech confirmed what I saw. Above the stitch we dilated 1.5 cm and below the stitch was only 1.3 cm of cervix. The dr came in and explained the situation to us. It was not good but it’s not hopeless. I was contracting so I had to be admitted, and I think she just wanted to make sure I didn’t stroke out from the news. The next day my regular ob came in me we had a heart to heart.

What it comes down to is simply this. They can’t do anything for me until 20 weeks. (I’m 18 weeks 1 day today). If laying down and drinking water isn’t going to keep the contractions away, then that’s it. After thT point I cn go to labor and delivery for meds to stop the labor. We need to get to 25 weeks. I said to my doctor what are my chances and he said he isn’t a fortune teller and we have to take one day at a time. He said it’s not good. I said is it possible? He said yes. It is even probable. Of course a 25 week neonate is very scary but I will take that over a loss now. God willing we hit 30 weeks. My little guy was born at 33 weeks and he did amazing. The One’s son was born very very early and he’s had no major lasting issues. So I’m less afraid of a preemie.

Every day that I feel bad cramps or contractions I start to get anxious. Start to fear the worst. But The One has this “one day at a time” attitude to life so we do just that. I wanted to put aside her nursery and sort of see how it goes but we decided against it. Her nursery is being built and we ordered her chandelier and got the paint this weekend.

So as it stands now I’m going to be a mess until March 8. I am on total bed rest which stinks but it’s worth it. We go weekly to measure the cervix and check on the baby. I have to get a shot every week of 17p, a progesterone compound and nightly I have to use a progesterone cream.

The One has been doing absolutely everything he can, the poor thing and he stays with me in he hospital. ( he bribes the nurses with food!!:). For now we are home so he makes breakfast and sets me up for the day before he goes to work. I won’t lie and say this is easy on us but we both realize the gravity of the situation.

Keep us in your thoughts!


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