Clueless With A Side of Hope

I have not been on here for a while, going through some health stuff not related to TTC…but I had to come here today to see if any of you ladies had a thought on this chart.  Ok, so we were taking Clomid for the past five cycles.  I stopped this month, mainly because with everything going on, I did not need one more complication.  Back to our situation…So I stopped Clomid and on CD10 my temp went way down, 96.51 or something like that.  The next day, it spiked back  up to 97.4?.  It kept rising for three days and I got crosshairs that indicated ovulation on CD10.  I agreed, since the pattern looks like my other months, a dip and a spike.  Then, at 4DPO my temp went down again, below the cover line. 97.29.  I did not lose the crosshairs on the chart, but I said to myself could THIS be ovulation?  I doubted it because the temps were still higher than the pre-o temps but for the heck of it, I poas….an opk actually and it was positive!  I ran to the one shocked, and he of course said “I always say its day 15!”.  The next day, my temp went back up and I took another opk.  Still positive and even darker.  Based on the opk, my temp should DROP to a ridiculously low temp and then spike up after o, if that is what is happening.

Now, I keep taking opk’s, and this morning, the test line was BRIGHT PINK before the control line even appeared!!  THAT has never ever happened before!  Oh, and by inserting the positive opk on my chart I lose the cross hairs…but… is what I wonder….can it be that:

I did ovulate on CD10.  The little dip on 4DPO is implantation (early but possible) and the opk’s are picking up hCG.  The opk’s today were so positive that the test line showed up before the control line appeared, and I never had that happen before.

So, I ask, could this be a great sign?  I am inserting my chart……




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