Back to the Beginning

I have said that it has been a lifetime since we have been ttc.  Truth is, it literally has!  In the short year that has passed, our daughter Gulianna has been born, passed and therefore I can say it has been a lifetime. 

The reality is, I am sort of not too sure if we are ready for this.  But I do know that unless we get back up on this bicycle, we will never know.  It is very emotional to be trying for a baby when you have tried for so long only to lose her earthly being. 

So on my to do list is to find a doctor in the NY Metro area that will follow me close enough for my comfort.  Also, we need to decide if we are going to have the TAC put in place by Dr. Haney or settle for a closer doctor.  Dr. Haney is in Chicago, and is the creme de la creme for this procedure.  I have seen a few docs here in NYC that can do this, all from reputable hospitals, but after losing G, I only feel comfortable with the BEST!!  If you do  not know what a TAC (transabdominal cerclage) is, you should google it.  It is pretty amazing the hope that it has given to women like me who have an incompetent cervix. 

I will be keeping you updated as we go!!

Baby Dust!!



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