Moving along

I can not believe that we are almost out of the first trimester!!  And I totally can not WAIT!!!  I have been very lucky to not have the usual nausea and other pregnancy maladies.  I know it is because of the acupuncture.  But I really am way over the exhaustion!!  I could sleep all day if I did not have a job!  The past two weeks I have been home.  I got the flu, and of course I did not get a flu shot.  I guess one of the  kids brought it home, but regardless of how I got it, it kicked my ASS!  We even ended up at the hospital.  They actually gave me Tylenol in my IV and I can not believe how great it worked because normally Tylenol does NOTHING!!

Aside from the above, we are having a pretty decent pregnancy.  We have seen the baby THREE TIMES already, first heart rate was 140 at 6 weeks 5 days.  Then we had 169 and 171!  I dont believe in old wives tales but I sure do hope this one is right!!  TEAM PINK ALL THE WAY!!!  I want to know what we are having, but The One doesnt….which is going to be impossible because the second I find out, I will have everything purchased…and he will know for SURE.  But I realize this is not all about ME and what I want, so I may have to keep my purchases secret. 

We have a sonogram pic, but it really isnt much but I think this week we may have a better one, and I surely will post it!  And write more when I have more news… I said everything has been pretty normal. 


Baby Dust!!!



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