5 Weeks

Tomorrow we start our sixth week of pregnancy.  Sort of still in shock over it all, but our numbers are way better than they have ever been!  Our first hcg was 169!  The progesterone was 12.1, which is on the lower end of average, but compared to 4, hey, we will take it!!!  Because of all the troubles we have had, we are on progesterone until week 12 where we will go onto shots.  Tomorrow is  another blood draw to check the beta’s again, and I know they are going to be great!!  I am still getting acupuncture, and will throughout the first trimester, as well as take the vitex.  The pregnancy symptoms are getting more pronounced, and I am tired pretty much all of the time.  I have eaten enchilada’s at least once every day for the past week……and watermelon!!! 

For the most part, I feel really good, very ‘normal’.  The One hates the word normal, but when you have so many issues in pregnancy, to feel normal is a good thing!!!  That is really all I have to say as far as what is going on, but we have a sonogram at the end of the month, and I will know the beta results on Tuesday, so I will be sure to report back!!



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