A New Plan, Same Old Hope!

I have not been on here in so long, I am not even sure where to begin!  After months of medical junk, doctor appointments, and even surgery, we find ourselves back here wrapped around the hope of having our baby.  I guess in the big picture, it was a good thing that we sort of held off, but now that we have the “green light” so to speak, its game on!  The big change that we are making is rather than begin IUI/IVF and take other traditional fertility meds, (if you have read any old posts, you can see that I just LOVE Clomid!!) we have begun acupuncture and herbs.  With my crazy hectic life, this is going to be exactly what I need!

We had our first appointment this week.  I was terrified because I hate needles more than anything but fortunately it was not as bad as I had thought it would be.  The One was in the room the whole time.  Made me feel much better…and honestly, it was a very intimate moment for us.  The room was dark and relaxing and we were doing something outside of lovemaking to help get pregnant.  Its hard to explain, but I am sure you understand.

I totally forgot the “stats” of this cycle…I am not really sure what DPO I am, because I had not been temping or using opks.  I really was just keeping track of AF so that when we did get back to business we had that data.  In playing with my chart, if I ovulated on day 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, or 18 we get a “high” score…we made love at  least twice every day and some days were three or four times! (And that was NOT us on babymaking duty…the AP said once every other day!!)  I went with day 17 as the big O day because my average is 16.  I am taking Vitex, a tincture mixed by my AP three times a day.  So we are in the TWW, and we are crossing our fingers that we did it, but have a great deal of hope if we are not.  Funny thing though, The One woke up this morning and said he had a weird dream.  He is not a dreamer, or at least he doesn’t remember them, but he remembered this one.  We were pregnant.  That was the main part of the dream, and I will not go into detail, but we both were a little taken by that.  I did have spotting the other day, which could have been implantation.  It was only two streaks a few hours apart and nothing more.  I guess we will see!

I hope to be writing more on here….


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