It Is Not Funny Anymore

But I am still laughing.  So today is CD21.  So far, no crosshairs or any signs of them.  But this post is going to get very tricky, so I will try to make it easy.  My thoughts are that I ovulated on CD19.  That is Tuesday.  The temp drop today could absolutely be my fallback rise.  The OPK was positive on Tuesday, and is now negative.  I think I am going to stick to this line of thinking.

BUT……but but but…

If you look at my chart, there is already a clear thermal shift.  After CD13!  The reason there are no crosshairs is because of the two positive opk’s that I have on day 15 and day 19.  But in playing with the chart to get different scenario’s, when I remove both tests, viola, crosshairs appear.  Thing is, I am 100% sure they are positive, so it is HIGHLY unlikely that I am 8 DPO.  I also know that I often ovulate the day of or the very day after a positive opk, therefore once again I say, Tuesday was the day.

Not that it matters, because if you look at our lovemaking, we are great no matter WHAT day it is, but just to know for progesterone, and my own brain is why I am going nuts.

Someone had commented on an old post, where I am a little off, but then get into my relationship with The One, and how it is the foundation of this whole journey.  I know that for a while I have not talked about that aspect of this all.  It is not for lack of emotion, but I have another blog to him, sort of complementing the love letters he writes to me daily.  So dont worry ladies, I still adore him beyond!!! 🙂

Baby dust…..oh, and here is our chart…..

Our Chart


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