Sono Confuso!!!!

Yes, completely and totally confused.  If you look at our chart, you will see the lack of crosshairs.  Why?  Well hello! I have not ovulated yet.  And to get EVEN MORE UGH…this morning, I had another positive OPK.  I am not sure if it has remained positive for days or if this is a second surge.  Today I had to go to my dr to get a prescription for a breast sono, and he was not there.  I saw his associate who I truly dislike.  We were talking about the meds I am on and the relation to breast cancer.  She said that on 50mg of Clomid, I must not be ovulating.  Uh hello but I hate to disagree, because I clearly have the sustained post ovulatory temps doc…so shoo shoo.  In another bout of brilliance she says that I should go up to 100mg of the Clomid for the next two months.  The One immediately chimed in.  He wanted to know what were the chances of it bringing breast cancer back.  She claimed that since it would be for two months the risk is minimal.  I saw on his face he was not a happy camper.

Her other suggestion, which in a way bothered me, was to go forward with the shot and the IUI.  Apparently there is a much better chance of getting pregnant because the shot causes you to ovulate in 24 hours, you get monitored via sonogram, and the sperm in inseminated directly into the uterus.  Ok, I love that it is hugely successful, but it totally takes away from the whole intimacy thing.  As of right now, I am content in trying the meds as we are.  I have time before I need to get so drastic!  She just really irritated me.

Anyway, looks like we are still waiting to o, and hopefully tomorrow there will be a temp rise, or the next day!!

Baby dust to you all!!!


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