CD 16

Good Morning.  So today is day 16 of this cycle.  I would be willing to bet anything that I ovulated yesterday……if for no other reason than the PAIN!  I thought I was going to die last night it was so bad.  It was like AF cramps but on each side, not across the front.  Of course, I googled it.  What I gathered was that its a side effect of the Clomid.  It causes some hyperactivity of the ovaries, and once the egg is released it subsides.  Today I have none of the cramping, so I assume it was yesterday.  Honestly, it hurt so bad when we were bd’ing last night I saw stars (not the usual ones lol) and this morning it was still a little painful but not as much…but this morning was only during the bd’ing.  Sadly I also read that this can now be my new norm.  Grrreeeeaaatttt!!!!  NOT.

This month, if we do not get pregnant, I really do not know what else to do.  We have been bd’ing night and day, and even a few times in between.  I am pretty sure the next step would be IUI, but I am pretty sure we get it right so I have no idea where to go after this.  On the bright side, at least we are having fun trying.  They say that is the most important thing.

Well, take a look at my chart, its looking good.  I will keep you posted…I need to learn how to create polls on FF so that you can let me know when you think I am ovulating.

Baby dust to you all……


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