As you all know that means we are off and running.  This morning the opk was positive.  There is not much left for us to do other than the obvious.  Although we are going to use the preseed because of being sick, and taking cold meds, it more than likely reduced the cm.  If I had to bet I would say tomorrow or Sunday for the day, but who knows.

I wanted to share this really strange story with you all.  I was googling clomid and breast lumps to see if clomid could be causing the lumps I found. (If you have read this blog all along, I had bc twice, both stage 0, dcis, removed both with negative margins…so we are not at all worried..ok, well I am not worried)  I came across this woman who took clomid, and a wide range of other fertility meds.  She did conceive, triplets.  Three boys who were born at 35 weeks with the smallest one being 4#+.  Great weights for triplets.  One baby had a heart defect with a successful surgery.  Two of the three had a chromosomal abnormality.  Did not say what it was, but they were alive and out of the NICU.  At the bottom of the signature, it says..actually, I am going to paste the whole thing here….

Jan 2012: fetal echo/heart defect on 1 baby
Feb @35w3d: scheduled c-section
Baby A: 5#6oz – 157 days NICU, heart surgery successful
Baby B: 4#14oz – 91 days NICU
Baby C: 4#13oz – 7 days NICU

Days after birth: FISH study shows Babies A&B chromosomally abnormal, wasn’t detected on CVS
May: With a heavy heart, A&B put up for adoption (B went immediately, A adopted in July)

Baby C thriving at home!

Let me start with I am not at all judging.  I know NOTHING about this woman, her husband or their circumstances.  But this really bothers me.  If you are taking fertility drugs, you HAVE to know that you run the risk of having multiples.  The first thing my dr told us when he started the clomid was that we are risking more than one baby.  He actually said it about four times until I yelled at him YES I GET IT!!!.  On the other hand, infertility treatments are NOT cheap.  They usually are not covered by health insurance, so with all that this woman did, she had financial means.  What I am left with is how on earth can you simply choose to NOT keep two of your living children simply because of a defect?  Regardless of the malady, I have a very hard time thinking about giving up a child, part of three, and keeping one, the most healthy child that more than likely would need me the least.  As a mother, it just really hurts to think about this.

Anyway, I am going, thats too sad to think about anymore (yeah, because I can just brush it off…NOT!!!)  Well ladies, wish us luck…send lots of baby dust…

Oh, thanks for answering the questions I had about the shots! 🙂


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