CD 14

Today is statistically the most common day for me to ovulate.  In ttc, however, I have learned that nothing ever makes sense.  I also have learned that sickness can delay ovulation, so I am not so sure where this chart is going.  For the past day or so I have been sick as heck.  Mainly congested but last night The One said I was burning up, so who knows.  We are just going to keep doing what we do and I am sure that it will all figure itself out.

So yesterday I was watching tv, and there was a story on Giuliana Rancic, the tv girl that married the apprentice guy.  She had some really awful times getting pregnant and eventually used a gestational carrier to carry their child (she froze her eggs prior to her breast cancer treatment).  At one point she was getting the shots in her stomach and I was cringing.  Is that the FSH?  Why did she have to get it in her STOMACH??  And is it one shot a month or are there many?  I know that the progesterone shots are in the butt, and not daily…..I am totally  not a needle person.  I guess these are things I can ask the Dr.  I also realized I have one more round of Clomid should this not be our month, again.   Lucky me.

Im off to do all of the many things that I have not done in the past day or so…… dust to you all…



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