CD 11

It always makes me laugh how we say that we are just going to let this happen, month after month.  Meaning just relax…be calm, bd, and let nature just take its course.  It NEVER works like that.  This morning we were laying in bed and I asked The One what things were on his list for 2013…and the very first thing that he said was “G”.  We can say it all we want, but the truth is, we obsess.  We are fully aware of fertile days, and take advantage of them.  There is no way to just “let hit happen”.  Not when there is so much at stake.

As I am getting into that window, I was thinking this morning of the things I may do differently this month, etc.  Making my “baby making” list…insane huh?  I cant say either way if we will do things differently this month or what.  I think we will use the softcups, and possibly the pre-seed, but aside from that, I have no great tricks up my sleeve.  Oh, and I am drinking one cup of coffee a day rather than three.  So in a nutshell, still boring.

I guess now we just see what happens…..

Happy New Year!!



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