Well, I think it is time for me to stop counting.  Officially we have lost this pregnancy.  Yesterday.  There is something very weird about how used to this we are becoming.  It isnt like the first time.  The first time was unbearable and took weeks for me to even pick my head up.  Now what happens, every time anything is thrown at us, it just makes us say ok, next!  What do we have to change to make it better.  The best thing is that medically, we have an amazing support system.  My obgyn is perfect, taking every single cycle into consideration, analyzing everything that has gone on and making any necessary changes.  This was only my second month on Clomid, so going forward we just ad the post-ovulation progesterone and cross our fingers!

I’m also quite lucky that its such a busy time of year, because I dont have any time to think about this.  I am so focused on the kids and everything that has to do with Christmas that I dont even have time to be sad.  Although, last night The One did take some time to talk about it with me, so it isnt like “out of sight, out of mind”…just pleasantly distracted.

I want to recount the last few days for those of you that are following us for support, or encouragement and I promise that I will…I also have to update our chart…yes, I have been that busy!!  I also want to say that I know a few of you are due in the next month or so…and it is so exciting!  Watching you go from ttc to mom has been amazing.  Especially R and A,  TWINS!!!  Following you guys for this whole thing just really kept my head up.  It is so possible, and reading your blog today, welcoming Biggo and Smalls (I totally love that!) made me cry!!!  I can not wait to see pictures….Sending so much congratulations to you both.

I am super tired, and need to go get myself all settled in…The One will be home soon and I can really use some qt with my honey.  🙂  If I dont get back on here, Happy Holidays and Baby Dust to you all!!! xo


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