Status Quo…

Good Morning (mostly) ladies!!  The news of the day is I have no news to report.  There is not a sign of anything even resembling blood.  So with the exception of yesterdays post-coital moment, everything seems to be going fine.  I know a few of you have had the early bleeding, some lasting longer than others and went on to have very healthy babies, and I appreciate your comments and messages :).

Here is my question of the day.  I am going to link our chart.  FF has me ovulating on CD14, Monday.  In looking at everything, this seems so right.  I had a + opk, I was five days out from the last Clomid, and statistically that is correct for me.  BUT….I also wonder if perhaps it could have been on CD 22?  There is a dip…I know, I was thinking implantation.  Could that be why my first numbers were lower than desired?  Although my obgyn did say that while they were low, for a first draw its a baseline and as long as they keep RISING, we are ok.  As I had mentioned in an earlier post, if there was no miscarriage by today I would be going for the second HCG and Prog. test.  I guess we will see!

Anyway, I was going through some of my old conversations with The One.  I found one from last year, I am not sure if I was leaving the ER, or what…(at 7:30 in the morning??), with bad news.  The green is me, the white is The One.  I read this and cry every single time.  He has never ever not been RIGHT beside me, its always us.  Just Us.

After a hospital visit


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