Wishing The Mayans Were Right…

At this point, the end of the world seems quite the convenience.  I would not have to wrap Christmas presents, see people I would rather not, and this whole ttc thing would be resolved.  If I were not confused before, well, today is a horse of another color.  Last night, The One came home.  We bd’d and went to bed.  Very uneventful, no bleeding, or anything odd.  This morning we woke up, and did it again, but there was a small amount of blood.  I mean small, to where he was not even concerned.  He figured maybe he was a bit too rough (which I did not think he was).  Last year the same thing had actually happened and the dr said that the cervix during pregnancy is very vascular and you can bleed after sex…so I was not at all worried this morning.

Until this afternoon.  I was on the phone with the bestie, and I just had a huge gush of blood.  (Sorry, TMI, I know).  I ran to the potty, sat, and when I felt like there was no more, which really was not long at all actually, I wiped.  It was not bright red, and after wiping with a wet wipe, it was gone.  Nothing since then.  Its been well over an hour.  Total dryness.  I do realize that its probably the beginning of the end, but I just wonder why it would stop.  Oh well.  If it does not resume by tomorrow, I am going to go ahead and retake the blood test and see what is going on.

But like I said, if the Mayans were only right……



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