Certainly Uncertain

I truly feel awful.  I feel completely pregnant.  Tired, nauseous, boobs hurt, cranky…you name it, thats me.  I am actually writing this at 7:42 because I am awake after a long nap.  I went to breakfast with my bestie today (and ordered clams?) and while at the diner she had me call my ob.  I have his cell, and got him directly.  All I said was that I am late, and before I could say more he said call the office and have them fax over the lab orders and get to the lab.  So after we ate, I went over to the lab and we will have results tomorrow. I told The One, of course, and he asked when will we know?  I love how he never says you, or I.  It is always we.

Last night I tested on an opk.  The opk was positive.  Seasoned ttc’ers know the significance of using an opk as an hpt.  So now I just wait until the morning.  If you can see my chart, and the past charts you can see how I always get at on 14DPO, although the August and July charts are wonky from the DNC.    Of course there are a few pregnant charts in there as well but for the most part, my usual LP lasts for 13 days. Today is my 15DPO, and in a few hours, its 16DPO.

Yeah, I know.

I guess Ill know for sure tomorrow!!!


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