T Minus Nothing!

Today she is due.  The haggardly witch that reminds me every month that we are not pregnant again.  Every month, my temperature drops down below my coverline, and I just sit and wait. (Ok, I dont actually sit, but you  know what I mean!)  I had mentioned yesterday how I was not temping because its just too GRRRR, and how my thermometer is not working right.  However, me being the writer, having to know the end before I start, decided this morning that I was going to temp.  My coverline is 97.69.  My temp this morning should have been that or lower.  With the broken thermometer, it read me the same temp as the other day first.  I took it again and it was 98.58!  I used the other one, and that gave me 98.62.

Way above my coverline!  Now, yesterday I was in the supermarket with The One, and I could not even keep my eyes open.  It was only 1:30 in the afternoon.  As I am walking through the store, I got an awful wind in my tummy and said “Do you smell moth balls?”  He didn’t, and sure enough the next aisle over was household supplies.  We walked down the laundry soap aisle and I had to run out of it because the smell was overwhelming.  We got home, unloaded our bounty and we laid on the couch and I think in less than a second I was out like a light.  For three hours!!!  We also fell asleep after dinner, at 9:30 and then again at 10:15.  I was dead asleep until he woke me at around 1 to go into bed.  Of course I have awful heartburn and terribly sore breasts.  I do know that those two things could be PMS, but I dont have any feeling like I am getting my period.

So you can see clearly why this month is making me crazy (crazier).  I really am trying to keep a cool head.  I also am crossing my fingers that she stays away this month.  Although the timing is pretty stinky since we just moved into a new ONE bedroom, that I completely love.  There is plenty of room, but not for my diva style brain.  Anyway,  I have been dying for some bite size frosted mini wheats, and I am going to have some now!!

I want to say I will keep you posted, but since The One reads this, I cant share any news until I share with him first!!!  But Baby Dust to all!!! xo


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