No Longer Temping …

Well at least for this month.  I hate to sound silly, but I think my thermometer is broken!!  It always reads me the same temp as the day before the first time I use it.  For example, lets say Monday’s temp is 98.34.  Tuesday morning when I wake up, I turn it on, see the 98.34, then 98.60, then it says Lo, I insert it….time passes, a few beeps are emitted and I look at the temp and it says 98.34.  So, knowing that was yesterdays temp, I turn it on and off, redo the whole process and then get 98.27.  Now, Wednesday morning I do the same thing, and the first attempt at temping yields me 98.27.  See where this is going?  I have a back-up thermometer (Crazy huh?) and that one is so far off from the one I use daily that I just decided that it would be easier to not temp.  I mean, I am 13 DPO so I really dont think it is going to matter.  Either tomorrow AF will rear her ugly head or she wont!

Also, I did not enter Saturday’s temperature because it removed the crosshairs.  If I tune it to “research” they reappear, but its easier to just not temp for the next few days.  Yesterday I had quite a few symptoms, but again, I am not even going to think about it.  Today The One and I are going to be putting up our Christmas tree.  I was thinking about the ornaments that we got last year, all of the sentimental ones.  I remembered that I had gotten a little angel girl that said “Believe” and she was holding a shooting star.  I remember buying it, right after I had miscarried.  Thinking that there would not be another year that I would hang that sadly, and this year we would certainly be hanging either “Baby’s First Christmas” or something similar.  While I am obviously not, the sadness I thought I would feel in mitigated by the fact that while we TTC really for four to seven days a month, every single day, every second of every day, the love that we have for each other is so strong that I just have to be grateful for what we have.  The rest will come, or maybe not, but I just have to embrace the now, live it, enjoy it.

I am tired and emotional….but Happy Holidays and baby dust to you all! xo


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