Officially Have Gone Crazy

I am a very smart woman.  My education and professional resume are quite impressive.  So why is it that when it comes to TTC, I am totally insane?  Irrational even.  In my defense, it is not all my fault.  These symptoms are enough to make you crazy….I was tired all day, and took a nap that lasted several hours!  The eggs this morning turned my stomach, and I was nauseous most of the morning.  Before, I went to the bathroom. (Ok, this is TMI)  I never can smell my own urine.  Today, I did…and I skeeve things like that so it made me feel icky again.  My boobs hurt now.  The One is making us dinner tonight, and the only thing I know is that I MUST HAVE MARINARA SAUCE….He can put it on mashed potatoes for all I care, I just need it.

But the one thing that has me scratching my head…I am 10DPO, and it is in the evening, so I am close to 11 DPO.  I have ZERO signs or symptoms of AF.  Normally I pms.  I have cramps for sure, but now? Nothing!  So of course I am thinking everything over, rechecking our chart, etc.  We have a high score on our intercouse analyzer…but as I said earlier that could mean nothing.  It could mean everything.

My point is, now I am analyzing every symptom, every feeling.  My logic is gone,  and I always tell myself if I read everything or read nothing, it is not going to change what IS.  Even temping at this point is only for me.  What is done is done, yet I am so obsessed with this month I am going insane.  Insane enough to break my cardinal rule.  I may POAS!!  I never do, I much prefer to go to the Dr. and have blood work done, to avoid any potential ambiguity (Faint lines, evap lines, etc).  But I just really have  the weirdest feeling this month.

I guess I will keep you posted!!


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