10 DPO

UGH!  Last night I fell asleep so early, before 9 I believe.  I was so tired that I did not even wait up for The One to get home.  I woke up at 4 am. feeling like crap and all morning I have been nauseous.  We went to get breakfast and the smell of my eggs in the car was UGH!  Im sitting here in bed writing this thinking to just close the laptop and go back to sleep.  Unfortunately, I have things that need to be done today, so I need to get my crap together!

This mornings temp was higher, but I think it is too early to call, only 10 DPO.  I dont see temps go down until about 12 DPO.  But it this tiredness and icky feeling counts for anything, then I am optimistic.  Funny thing, I have always had this pit in my stomach…if we get pregnant will we just miscarry anyway?  Since that is our norm.  But I am thinking that this Clomid/Met mix might actually improve the quality of my egg and we could end up with a sticky bean.  This month, there is a glimmer of excitement, rather than fear.  Honestly, that attitude may be the key!

Now, I need to get my sweet butt out of bed, make some tea or something to get me moving and start this day!!




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