Our Chart…Look at the temp drop…

Here we are more than halfway through the 2WW.  There have been some symptoms, but with so much going on, it’s hard to distinguish.  We just moved, so with all the insanity and non stop moving I am beyond exhausted.  I honestly dont know how I am sitting here right now.  Monday morning my bestie was eating eggs and I looked at her and just said EWWW.  I love eggs, but the smell was ridiculously pungent.  My mother and I got breakfast sandwiches and mine was crazy salty.  I could not even finish it.  After I ate half of it, I drank some juice.  About 45 minutes later, I was so nauseous.  Then last night I was laying in bed watching Sex and The City, and my boobs hurt so bad!!

Keep in mind though, I moved and have been going morning til night.  Today I had the gas company, the furniture to deal with and a serviceman here…my bestie came by for a coffee sesh and I have once again been going all day, so maybe it is just all from the move?

It could be.  But look at the temps.  This is why those of us that are TTC go nuts. Is that dip implantation?  A fluke temp??  Who knows, but you bet that we are now going to obsess over every little symptom and cross everything we can that the temps stay up past day 14.  I need to go lay down.  It’s only 6pm, but I cant keep my eyes open.


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