Yes.  This morning when I entered my temp, sure enough the beautiful red lines appeared showing me what I already knew….I ovulated.  But…I really thought it was Wednesday.  Once again FF has thrown me for a loop, because it was Monday. That makes a lot more sense since I got the positive OPK on Monday (Could have gone positive on Sunday, but I did not test), the big temp drop…so as it stands today I am 6DPO.  That is so weird because normally I get CH at 3DPO.  Making my 2WW a real drawn out two weeks.  But I am halfway through it now, and all I can do is temp and wait and see.

I am slightly optimistic this month. We had the help of the Clomid/Met cocktail, and our timing was AMAZING!  We bd’d every day, sometimes twice a day.  It just all looks pretty good!  So far there are no changes, nothing to note so I guess stay tuned…..


I am off to do some Holiday errands…Baby dust to you all!! xo


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