Laughing Until It Hurts

This morning I was quite excited to come here and write.  To tell you all how I am sure I ovulated on Wednesday.  How great this chart is turning out to be and how incredibly excited I am!!  Then….I started to add temps to my chart to get the visual of what I needed to write about.  Added a temp for tomorrow, and one for Sunday.  Crosshairs appeared, but not on Wednesday, on MONDAY!!!  I almost fell off of my chair.  Just when I think I have it all figured out, I dont.

So as it stands right now, I am either 2DPO or 4DPO…depending on what my temperatures are tomorrow and Sunday.  Honestly it does not matter in the long run, we bd’ed every day and I took the meds on the right days, taking vitamins, etc.  It is just  that the whole point of charting is so that you KNOW these things.  Also, to keep me sane if I miss the old witch.  I technically now can be two days late but it just be that my day of O was off.  If you are TTC, you know just how crazy two days late can make you!!

On the bright side, I do not feel like my ovaries weigh 30lbs each, and the pains are gone.  I did sleep extra late this morning, and boy did I need that!!  I woke up for three minutes to get The One out the door and went right back to sleep!  Today I am going to go to my  house that was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy and get my tutu’s and baby shoes.  I need visuals!!!

Baby dust to you all!!  xo


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