Sometimes I Just Laugh

This is not the first time I am waking up on Mars.  This morning’s temperature went DOWN as opposed to the UP we needed to confirm ovulation.  Normally I would be panicked and on hold for an hour with my OB/GYN.  Fortunately, I have The One who pays attention to this stuff.  Monday I got the positive OPK, so I happily advised him that we would be ovulating.  (It technically could happen between day 14 which was Monday, and 16 which is today).  He said no, I thought it was Wednesday?   I had originally thought the same, since that is what our chart was predicting.  But I have gone as far as day 20 and as early as day 13 so I assumed that it was Monday.  I usually ovulate the same day as the OPK.  I guess from here on out I will be paying attention to him along with the chart!

The temp today was low enough that when I inserted temps for the days up to Saturday, I got crosshairs (solid, not dotted) for today.  This is ok for us too because our intercourse analyzer gives us a high score.  It is our second round of Clomid, so I am really hoping this is it.  I hate this medication!  Last night when The One got home I was going through the heat flushes.  I would get soaking wet, then turn white as a ghost!  We ran to the drug store and I had the windows wide open as he froze.  I had to come home, shower in ice cold water and open the windows and remove every single article of clothing….and I still was miserable.

Again, I just have to keep thinking this is all worth it.  And someday I know that I wont even remember these days. 🙂


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