Hormones Are My Enemy

UGH!  That is the very best word that I can use to describe how I feel right now.  I know this happens every month, yet each time I want to curl up and cry.  There is not a doubt in my mind that ovulation has come and gone, and now I am wallowing in the 2WW.  Me and my best friends, hormones.  On their own these lovely catalysts of life make me batty.  Add the Clomid and you get, well…UGH!!  My doctor thinks that it could be that I am making more eggs, so the symptoms are worse.  You know, the O cramps…but I keep getting hot, nauseous and tired.  Not to mention cranky.

Tonight I had to go to Walgreens to get something that is TTC friendly and will settle my stomach.  In the store I walked down the aisle that had diapers and baby stuff and just started crying.  Maybe because its Dec 4th, maybe its just the hormones…IDK but I hate feeling like this.  I also got an email from IMG for my credentials for Fashion Week.  (I do NOT want to go, but The One says I really need to..so for him I will).  My editor needs to write a letter saying I write for them and in my email to her, I sounded like a five year old girl, whiny and, again UGH!

I keep thinking to myself that I am setting myself up for the two year pregnancy.  Should we get pregnant this month we can add all of the months of this moodiness to what will be a wild ride of emotions during the pregnancy.  I guess in a way it tempers The One so that when he does have to really deal with my moods, he will be fully prepared.  Not that he needs it, because he has this way to turn it all down and calm me to where Im back to my normal self.

OH YEAH!!  I just looked in the mirror…did I mention the face?  My face looks like I have the chicken pox.  What the hell is this?  The anti-glow?  In my fertility friend group one of the girls also was on the Clomid/Met cocktail and she said that from the day she starts the Clomid til she gets AF its like this.  And while I want to complain all night and cry as I am doing it, I guess I just have to resign myself to the fact that this is what we choose to do, all in the name of making G.

Baby dust and good moods to all!!  xo


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