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Our Chart 

Ok, I have no idea why “Our Chart” comes up as a link, and not embedded in here, but just click it and its the same thing…Sorry…anyway..

Today I am ovulating…I think.  It has been a month or so that we have really tried to get pregnant.  We live in New York, and have really fallen victim to Hurricane Sandy.  Fortunately, we are alive and life is getting back to normal so this morning when I took the OPK, I got a positive.  We have had a wonderful “intercourse timing” on fertility friend so far, so I am not worried.  Last night, we went to NYC and by the time we got home, The One was so sick that before we could bd, he fell asleep.  At that point we did not know entirely that today would be the day.  We are not worried, missing one day is not going to kill us.

Ok, that is the “update”……

Now for the reason that I am here.  There are days when my mood is all over the map (especially on this Clomid!).  Moments when I get super frustrated at our failed attempts to get pregnant and just want to scream and give up.  But in true form, The One keeps me so focused and positive.  Last night while in NYC we were walking in a store, looking at baby clothes.  I had picked up a sweater and he said “If Grandma were alive she could make that”.  It took me a second, but he was talking about his mother.  I got a little misty, and thought how great that actually would be.  A few moments later, we saw a dress that was little, simple and grey.  Normally I am the one to visualize, but The One said “All that needs is a beret and cute shoes”.  These are the things he does and says to keep me smiling.

But….its more.  If you have been following this blog, you know that we have gotten pregnant and lost those pregnancies.  For the sake of my sanity, I never really use the term baby, we just say G.  Last night as we were walking past St. Patricks church, The One said he had to go in there.  He had to go in to “pray for you and the baby“.  I stopped walking and looked at him.  He just referred to G as “the baby”.  Once again, he has taken my hopeless mentality and filled it with hope.  If he can believe, so can I.

So fast forward to this morning again.  We bd, he was burning up with a fever, I felt horrible that he was putting G before himself.  We were texting and I had said to him that he needed to rest.  His reply?  I dont know that word, we need to make G.  I told him that we will, I need him better though.  He reminded me that I was ovulating and in true THE ONE form, reminded me that this was very important to him and we would be trying this month too….when he gets home. 🙂

I know most of you that read this have wonderful men in your lives, supporting you in all of the TTC stuff.  Sadly some of you dont, but I really feel that I am the luckiest woman in this world.  The One is the very best.

Oh darn, one more thing…(I keep forgetting that some of you read this to know what we do besides make love to get pregnant!!)….We are using Pre-Seed, the softcups, and of course the OPK and temping.  My advice to anyone using Pre-Seed….do NOT use a full applicator, its SO messy.


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