The Facts & Nothing But The Facts!!!

If you are not into the science of baby making, then skip this post.   I am sure I wont be very entertaining……Ok, where to start.  At some point in the beginning of August I noticed that my periods were a bit heavier than they should be.  My little brain said to itself that I  must have a fibroid, since I had one with my last son.  After going to my OB/GYN, I learned that I did not have a fibroid, but a thickened uterine lining.  His first words were “You need a D&C”.  I was crushed, I cried, I got angry.  And then I went for the D&C and hysteroscopy.  I was told that I had no cancer, which was my biggest fear having had BC twice, I knew I was a higher risk for uterine cancer.  I did however have a dimple on the top of my uterus and my estrogen was way too high.  The dr put me on metformin, 500 mg x2 daily.

I dont really have much more to offer as to all of that.  I did get my period about two weeks after the D&C, which is when af was due.  If that is my period that I should be counting then today I am at CD9.  The ideal time for me to start doing things to be ready for CD15, when I should O.  One thing that I have learned…and this is huge for me….estrogen causes a lack of cervical mucus.  I have been taking Mucinex and EPO in past cycles, but it was frightening how the quality of my cm at the time of O was awful, even with them.  The metformin should help with that.  I did start taking fish oil which oddly balances out your hormones by helping the liver metabolize things somehow.  (Yes, I am quite scientific LOL!!) My progesterone is also low, which we knew.  Progesterone supplements will help that, hopefully.

Tomorrow is CD10 and usually the day I start the opk, the mucinex and any of the tricks I have learned over the past year.  I am, however, using a new trick….it is called believing!!!!  Stay tuned to see how that works out!!!


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