Nothing Surprises Me Anymore

When I was growing up, I always felt like no one really understood me.  As an adult, that same feeling holds true.  I mean, to try to explain why I will spend stupid amounts of money on silly things, or continue to help people that have consistently hurt me is just impossible to anyone that knows me (except The One, who oddly, really gets me!).  Anyway, after a lifetime of “I just can’t figure you out!”, you can imagine how I felt when I was tinkering with my chart of FF, and the crosshairs that were there DISAPPEARED!!!  Yes, I was inserting temps to see what would happen tomorrow (control freak…I know) and while set to advanced, the crosshairs just left.  So I figured let me enter a few more days in, to see what happens, and NOTHING!  NADA! ZILCH!  On the other hand if I set the detector to research, my crosshairs stay, solid red, with CD 15 as the day of ovulation.

Before I go on, here is my  chart…  My Chart

I am curious to know what you all think, when could I have actually ovulated, if even at all!  The OPK information is accurate.  I have tested every day and nothing except for Friday.

So, now my own body has no idea what to do with me, and I am beyond ready to scream.  Hope you have a great day!


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