Triphasic Chart

Yep.  Our chart is triphasic, according to my nemesis fertility friend.  According to them, we implanted possibly on day 23.  Which makes sense, because I have been feeling symptoms…..

Did I just say that?  After everything that we have gone through, did I actually offer a slight inkling of a hope that we indeed could actually be pregnant?  YOU BET YOUR BUTT I DID!!!  I have grown so used to failing that I have let that become my norm in TTC, and the reality of it  is, we have a really great shot at this.  Going into every month we start at the same zero.  This month we had better odds, and now looking at statistics, we are slightly ahead of the curve.  I am going to allow myself to get a little excited.  After looking at months of LOW intercourse timing scores, awful charts, feeling totally out before we even began, I am sooooooooo getting excited.

Like I said, I do have symptoms, and they all really are pretty strong (sore boobs, changes in boobs, tired, nauseous, heartburn, etc) but that is not even it.  I am so aware that many women get these symptoms as part of their PMS.  I dont.  I have become so in tuned with my cycle and body during this whole journey that I notice everything.  I have actually told The One that I didnt feel it, or I did feel it on occasions and I have been right on.

So yes, my excitement is a little bit backed with my “sixth sense”, but there is more.  It is a feeling of being tired of NO.  Being tired of NOT having our baby.  If this is it, and we are pregnant, I really don’t want ONE day to go by where I am not excited or thrilled at for the time in our life.  Silly?  Not at all.  Completely grateful?  Absolutely!!

I could write forever today, I am so totally filled with an abundance of thoughts.  I will spare you all them. I will however share my pregnancy monitor from FF and wish nothing but baby dust to every single one of you.  Oh, and I do follow blogs…to you, who is worried about the odd bleeding, relax, breathe and I am praying for you!!  xo.


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