On my quest to maintain my sanity while get pregnant, I really just have sort of gone with the flow and decided that I am not going to care what says.  I mean, at this moment if FF says YOU ARE PREGNANT….NOW…ok…NOW….we all know, it means nothing, since it’s really up to me and The One, not some website.  But in my alone thoughts, I can’t help but think that I may have ovulated Sunday, not Friday.  That temp dip and the temps below coverline just get me.  I have never had temps below coverline before.  I mean, yeah, sure it does not matter.

To the normal person.

To those of us trying to conceive, it makes all the difference in the world.  Why? Last night I woke up at 3:30 running to the bathroom, (if you are weak in the stomach, skip this part) with a mouth full of throw up.  My stomach was completely upside down and I sat on the bathroom floor, enjoying the coolness of the tile, trying to settle myself.  There was nothing in the medicine cabinet to help me, not a Tums, nothing!  I could hardly get back to sleep and had to sit up for over an hour with a basin on my lap because the nauseous feeling I had was unbearable.  It never subsided, but the tiredness won.  Eventually I konked out, and slept til about 7:45.  My stomach is not back to normal, and I have a strange smell in the air that I can’t describe.  So, how does this make a matter to my chart?  Well, if I ovulated on Friday, this could be tied to being pregnant.  I would be 6 DPO (I think, my math is not working this morning) and there is a possibility of symptoms this early.  If I ovulated on Sunday, well, not so much!

I spun my wheels, and like I said earlier in the blog, Friday I had the pink mucus which could have been blood from the egg rupturing from the follicle.  The cramping, indicating the same on Friday night.  My opk was positive on Thursday.  It makes SENSE that I ovulated on Friday.  Thing is, the damn temps.  If you google the symptoms of ovulation the  mucus could be results of an estrogen surge RIGHT before ovulation, the cramps could be the follicle enlarging before it bursts, and the LH could surge but I could not ovulate.  I think its like I can WANT to, but it doesnt happen for some reason and happens later.

So once again, what it comes down to is, this is all a matter of nature, and so far out of my hands.  Yet I continue to try to figure it all out.  You know, the definition of insanity?  It is doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different outcome.  Yeah, this TTC is definitely creating my insanity!!!


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