Getting Ready for a New Year

Normally on New Year’s Eve, I find myself at some point saying “Thank goodness it’s over, bring on the New Year!!” as I raise my glass of champagne and toast a better year ahead.  This year, however, I find myself thinking back on 2011 and to be completely honest, I really can not complain.  Sure, it’s had it’s ups and downs.  But what fun would it have been if it didn’t?  And fortunately for me and my family and friends, there were far more ups this year than downs.  So to you, 2011, I say Thank You!!  Thank you for a good year, I surely wont forget you easily.  To you, 2012, I say, you have a tough act to follow, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that you will outshine 2011, if for nothing else, it will be because in 2012, we will have made Myrtle.

I’m 13 dpo today.  And I am also certain that I am going to be getting a visit from the old hag Monday.  Up until last week, I would have dreaded this thought, but I have realized that like the incoming year, this is a new start for us.  With a lot more hope than ever before.  I have looked over my chart quite intensely and it is so clear that my body and my hormones are right back where they need to be.  It truly is just a matter of us getting the timing right.

To quickly update you, I had a huge dip at 5 dpo, and my highest temps ever, reaching 98.77.  Two days ago I had to go to the doctor for a shot of phenergan because I could not stop throwing up, and I was getting dehydrated.  Aside from that and being very tired, I really don’t feel pregnant at all.  My temperature this morning did drop, but only to 98.29, still high over my coverline of 97.49.  But with a day to go, I am sure it will plummet.  Again, it’s really all good for me this month.

Maybe because I just accepted it early on.  Our “intercourse analyzer” was low, we only bd twice in the fertile window.  Maybe because I am more happy that after the m/c, everything is working so well.  I am not really sure exactly what it is.  At least in my head.  My heart on the other hand has it all figured out.  You see, The One and I have this really special and unique bond.  It’s love, of course, but it’s far more than that.  We were meant to be in each others lives, and to have our lives connect.  The levels and dimensions that we have added to each other, and subsequently created together, as an “US” are not typical in most relationships.  It goes deep into the soul.  If you could imagine, two people that would never have come across each other, randomly meeting, and instantly connecting.  Falling in love and building that love from two lives that really offered us nothing in the way of just how to love.  Making a love only from each other.  Taking the bad that would normally break apart the strongest of ties, knocking them down to the ground and using them as cinder blocks to make an even stronger foundation and still growing, then you can imagine only slightly what we are.  The only natural thing that we would do, that we can do is to create a living, breathing part of us that will continue on, and on and on.  And frankly, this will be the easiest thing that we have to do, because all we have to do is just keep loving each other like we do.

Of course, I realize there is a whole lot of science that comes into play, and if it were just about loving, we would have more babies, and less heartbreak month after month.  I will continue to temp, and check all of my signs, just to sway my odds a little better.  Since now, my goal is to make 2012 THE BEST year ever!!

Happy New Year, and baby dust to everyone!!!


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