7 DPO…and going nuts.

Sorry that I have not been writing every day.  With Thanksgiving coming, I have been busy googling ways to poison my mother without actually killing the rest of my family.  IM KIDDING…Fortunately she is not even coming to the house, so if she does end up choking on a turkey bone, I have a solid alibi.  Really, though, I have been quite busy, and thank all things holy for that, because what a few days this has been.

I use fertilityfriend.com to chart, because it simply takes all of the data that I enter and then analyzes it and tells me when I ovulated, how good or bad our timing was as far as intercourse goes, etc.  The thing is, as with any form of charting, you cant tell that you ovulate until AFTER you do so you wait, and wait….and wait for one day the “crosshairs” to show up.  Mine did, and said I ovulated LATER than I thought, as you know, and then the next day, it moved again!  So I was pulling my hair out of my head trying to figure it all out.  I caved in, and emailed one of the “experts” on the site, and she set my account to “research” which is a more advanced setting and it went to the original O day, and today I am 7 dpo.

So, why am I going insane you ask?  Lets see, my temp yesterday went UP…from 97.6 to 98.02, and on the chart that is a huge jump.  And this morning it was 98.1 or .08 i dont really remember what it was, but it was higher than it was yesterday!!!!  Plus I have tons of cramps, like the ones where I want to put my fist through the headboard.  Just lots of symptoms. 

Of course, as with any woman ttc, now I am thinking “oh, my head hurts, could I be pregnant?”  “I just got a pimple, could I be pregnant?” “I just banged my toe, I MUST be pregnant!!”  And then it dawns on me.  My temps are clearly in a third thermal shift.  Ok, one more day and its official but still.  I have an abundant amount of creamy CM. (TMI, yes, but your reading about TTC, you had to expect a few bits and pieces of that!!).  My cramping COINCIDES with the temp spike, so perhaps this is my Myrtle settling into HER home?  My boobs do hurt, not alot, but the never really killed me before in past pregnancies. 

When I took my temp this morning at 6, I went and laid down afterwards, and was thinking.  Could it really be happening this month?  Could we have created a new life?  After a loss, and failed attempts, The One has said to me he will not stop.  I threw in the towel in frustration on so many occasions, and he just kept encouraging me, reminding me that our love beats everything.  Could he actually be right? (Imagine if he were a true ass? I’d never hear the end of this one!)

And my 2WW becomes my 2WO, two week OBSESSION.  Deciding when to poas is the hardest part, mainly because I know that if I test too early and get a bfn, I will be crushed.  And, on the other hand if I get a bfp, I might drop dead on the spot from shock.  Today I am going to my OBGYN for some blood test results, and I will be starting prenatal vitamins.  So I think I am going to ask him to take a look at all of my data, and do a vulcan mind read and tell me what his gut says.  Maybe even dive down into my chachi and feel around, and give me his professional opinion.  If anyone would know what my nether-regions should feel like, its him.  He HAS been my OB for 21 years!!!  (yes, that makes him the most consistent man down there lol). 

I will keep you posted, and I promise after Thanksgiving to share all of my thoughts, feelings, symptoms, etc. 



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